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Life In A Swing Dress

Tiki Torture

31 December
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About Me

I love cheap cigarettes and expensive beer. I am more than a subculture or style. I wonder what things would be like if they were different. I have done bad things in my life that I refuse to regret, for they have taught me things about myself I may never have learned otherwise. I have opinions, but they are mine, I don’t expect them to be yours.I love a good discussion. I am capable of amusing myself.
I am one who believes in love at first sight, although rare. To be leaned on is as important to me as leaning. In all the world there is but one person who ‘gets’ you… find them, love them, and never lose them- if you do, you will lose everything.

Who I’d like to meet?
Compatible lifeforms. Other artists. Creative Souls. Real People. I think that the world has a serious lack of truly unique individuals, so I would like to meet the ones who are out there

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